Up-cycling Furniture

November 11, 2016 7:09 pm

My mother donated some brown chairs to me as she was replacing hers. I wish I had taken a before photo because these things are really not my cup of tea. However I am a person that will never chuck good things away. It was still a good chair even if it wasn’t my colour. So I decided to give up-cycling furniture a go.

The chairs

The chairs I was going to try and upholster them but I really didn’t have any material available that would fit. I though I would try painting the chairs and if it went terribly I could try upholstering them then. I gave them a white wash chalky paint cover. The material was suedey and it soaked up painted terribly, so I was never going to get a flat finish.  I then used a stencil to paint these gold birds onto the front and back with cute little heart detail on the seat. The legs I sanded and painted red. I love them.



The Table

With the chairs in place the area in my sitting room was looking like a little coffee area and I thought a table would really make the little corner. I found this little coffee table in the RSPCA Charity furniture shop. They always have some great bargains. I sanded away the old paint and they applied a few coats of bright red. Then painted on this cute jackdaw. I hope you agree that my little coffee corner looks great.


I didn’t expect to have such good results and now I have some real statement pieces in my home instead of the usual mass produced products. I would totally recommend everyone to give a hand at up cycling.


Bekki x