Tofurei Pigeon Mural

October 25, 2016 7:55 am

Tofurei Pigeon Mural


Now that the busy baby season has finished at the bird sanctuary I have had more time to do more arty things.

One of my friends has recently opened a new shop in Norwich, Tofurei, selling Vegan goodies. She asked me to paint a mural on one of her walls, which I was very excited to do. It started of as an idea of a soy bean plant as a lot of her food will be made with homemade soya milk. This progressed into having pigeons as well, as my friend is pigeon mad!



Beginnings of a plant

The Soya plant was first to go up. A bit of artistic licencing on the curliness of the plant. The soya bean pods where never ending!



The plants all finished now!


Add some cute  pigeons!



Look at those cheeky faces! In all it took the whole day starting at 9.30 finishing at 5.30 and I was knackered! But very happy with the outcome and I think the shop owners where too! :)If you are in the Norwich Lanes be sure to visit and get some delicious goodies. If this is something you might be interested in for your business or home then please contact me. I love painting large scale and would love to do more.


Bekki x