Trip to Nottingham and Tropical Birdland

March 17, 2016 7:52 pm


So I have been pretty busy visiting some friends of mine that live in Nottingham and since they are massive bird lovers just like me, we took a trip to Tropical Birdland! Native bird spotting included a treecreeper, goldcrest, a baby gosling and many crafty crows.

Day 1

My first day included a trip to Wollaton park where we saw a big mansion that was filmed as Batman’s House. In the hall were Natural History Exhibits which where all very interesting. We brought along mealworms to feed the local birds and where mobbed by crafty crows. The highlights were the deer that were not too afraid of humans so we were able to get pretty close. I had never seen deer that close before and was amazed by their size and beauty.

Wollaton Hall

Day 2

On our second day we took a trip to Tropical Birdland. As a vegan and an animal activist I’m not a big fan of zoos but this place was great. Many of the birds where able to fly freely and were tame to handle. Sticking their feet out to be picked up. The ones that weren’t tamed were in aviaries but they were very large in size and the birds were in large social groups, enjoying their treats from the public. The place was very clean and you could tell the birds were very happy in their homes; many of the birds where also rescues who had now found their wonderful forever homes.

parrotgreen parrot

Day 3

My last day was a look around Nottingham town centre. I bought some cute handmade blackbird earrings and a cherry necklace. We found a delicious vegan/veggie cafe called “Alley Cafe” which I would highly recommend especially the vegan pizza, tasted just like the real thing!

Back home now creating a Blackbird printed Pillowcase. Keep an eye out in the shop.