Education Room Mural

June 13, 2018 10:46 am

Education Room Mural

Last month I was commissioned to paint a large scale mural in Cromer Museum’s education room. It was to showcase the history of Cromer from the prehistoric period to the Victorian seaside. Here are the first plans.

 Day 1

One the first day I drew up all the designs onto the wall. The picture quality is really bad because I had to up the contrast to make the lien work visible.

Day 3

Yesterday and today I was putting the base colours down and starting to add some details. I like to work on all the walls at once rather than one at time this means I can work on something else whilst the other is drying. It also means that you can see pictures from afar and make small changes that you might not have noticed if you was focused on just one painting.

Day 5

Things are really coming along now, The Victorian scene is proving to be the most time consuming and difficult. I find painting buildings to be a lot more harder to paint, I much prefer the organic movement of the squid.

Day 6


These two walls are pretty much finished now just need to add some finishing touches.

Day 7

Here he is the mammoth! Really pleased with how this guy has turned out. Love his facial expression.   I added poppies today to the Victorian scene this adds a nice frame to this painting and I also changed the colours of the windows in Hotel de Paris this added more depth to the painting.

Day 8

All finished! Today was touch ups and cleaning up! I’m really pleased with the finished murals. The room looks so impressive when you walk in, I don’t think the pictures capture the full scale of these paintings.  The room looks a lot more vibrant and children friendly compared to the white walls from before.