Plant mad? Botanical Paintings

August 29, 2017 1:25 pm

Creating my little rainforest

There haven’t been any posts for a while as there have been some quite big changes. I now have a new job working in a museum! I have also moved into a new flat. Which I have found out used to be an old chapel! Since moving into my new flat I have become a little plant obsessed. As I don’t have a garden I am trying to create an indoor rain forest!

  1. Botanical Inspired Paintings 
  2. All these plants have influenced me to paint them! I used to love painting plants back in my GCSE days.  An obligatory assignment I am sure for an art student. Here are my efforts so far. Although I am sure I will add to this as my plant collection grows. Keep an eye on my portfolio for more pictures.

Bekki x