Education Room Mural

Education Room Mural

Last month I was commissioned to paint a large scale mural in Cromer Museum’s education room. It was to showcase the history of Cromer from the prehistoric period to the Victorian seaside. Here are the first plans.

 Day 1

One the first day I drew up all the designs onto the wall. The picture quality is really bad because I had to up the contrast to make the lien work visible.

Day 3

Yesterday and today I was putting the base colours down and starting to add some details. I like to work on all the walls at once rather than one at time this means I can work on something else whilst the other is drying. It also means that you can see pictures from afar and make small changes that you might not have noticed if you was focused on just one painting.

Day 5

Things are really coming along now, The Victorian scene is proving to be the most time consuming and difficult. I find painting buildings to be a lot more harder to paint, I much prefer the organic movement of the squid.

Day 6


These two walls are pretty much finished now just need to add some finishing touches.

Day 7

Here he is the mammoth! Really pleased with how this guy has turned out. Love his facial expression.   I added poppies today to the Victorian scene this adds a nice frame to this painting and I also changed the colours of the windows in Hotel de Paris this added more depth to the painting.

Day 8

All finished! Today was touch ups and cleaning up! I’m really pleased with the finished murals. The room looks so impressive when you walk in, I don’t think the pictures capture the full scale of these paintings.  The room looks a lot more vibrant and children friendly compared to the white walls from before.


Fossil Finders Workshop

As part of my work at the museum I have been putting on workshops for children, this is the latest one which was great fun.

The workshop was called Fossil Finders and the children really enjoyed it because it gave them a chance to talk about the fossils they had found, what they have learnt at school about dinosaurs and their favourite.

How to…

Step 1: Cut shapes out of cardboard. Such as bones, skulls and foot prints.

Step 2: Glue onto a sheet of cardboard

Step 3: Cover the whole area with glue for the sand to stick onto

Step 4: Cover in sand (Make sure you do this in a tray to help cleaning up easier)

Step 5: Give a good tap to reveal your fossils.

Lighthouse: Art Trail

Lighthouse: Art Trail

I work at a museum and we was asked if we would like to take part in the local art trail around our area that happens over the summer holidays. This year they have chosen lighthouses. Each business buys one and decorates them,, when the trail is finished they are all auctioned off and the money goes to charity.

Being the ‘artistic’ one at the museum I got to go ahead to paint it. I was very excited because it sounded so fun to do I choose a prehistoric underwater scene to fit in with the geology section of our museum.

I choose to prehistoric undersea life for the main part. Fisherman fishing into the prehistoric sea which then leads into the bottom which is covered in fossils. Many layers of paint later here is the finished  lighthouse:

Photograms Workshop

Photograms Workshop

My job was putting on a photography workshop in the half term. I think the workshop was more originated for children, but it sounded like it would be a lot of fun so I decided to go anyway.

It was a really great day. I had done photograms before, but it had been as part of a project and didn’t experiment very much. Today I could use a variety of materials to play around with shape, shadow and light.

Here are the photograms that I created:


This is my favourite one I produced of a octopus underwater scene. I used paper doilies, feathers, plant material, buttons and other bits and bobs.


This is a bird one which didn’t come out as well as the octopus one, but still has some really nice details such as the shuttlecock in the left hand corner.

If you ever get the chance to do some photograms then definitely give them ago as they are fun and easy to do!


Anatomy Workshop

Anatomy Workshop


A week ago I had the joy of attending an anatomy workshop run by Charlie James  an anatomy lecturer and artist. The workshop was great fun and came away learning a lot of new information about how the bones and muscles work.

The teacher had us drawing with tracing paper over a photograph of a man. We had to feel our own faces where more fats, muscle was placed and how far away it would have been relative to the skull. A really knowledgeable experience and I would love to do more of these types of lessons.


Inktober: A daily art challenge



If you don’t follow me on Facebook then get over there, to follow me through the month of October as I take part in Inktober.

Inktober is a challenge that is happening throughout October. Each day you are given a word to influence your ink drawing.

Once the month is over I will post all the pictures to my portfolio.

If you also wish to take part in Inktober then click this LINK .



Plant mad? Botanical Paintings

Creating my little rainforest

There haven’t been any posts for a while as there have been some quite big changes. I now have a new job working in a museum! I have also moved into a new flat. Which I have found out used to be an old chapel! Since moving into my new flat I have become a little plant obsessed. As I don’t have a garden I am trying to create an indoor rain forest!

  1. Botanical Inspired Paintings 
  2. All these plants have influenced me to paint them! I used to love painting plants back in my GCSE days.  An obligatory assignment I am sure for an art student. Here are my efforts so far. Although I am sure I will add to this as my plant collection grows. Keep an eye on my portfolio for more pictures.

Bekki x